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Are you ready to be introduced to the National Museum of Resistance and Freedom?

Guided tours, although limited to the spaces currently open to the public, are the best option for those who wish to learn more…


The “Escape from Peniche“ from the cells to the walls of the Fortress, carried out by Álvaro Cunhal, Carlos Costa, Francisco Martins Rodrigues, Francisco Miguel Duarte, Guilherme da Costa Carvalho, Jaime Serra, Joaquim Gomes dos Santos, José Carlos, Pedro Soares and Rogério de Carvalho.

The “Parlatory”, the place where political prisoners received visits from relatives and friends.

the “Segredo” or Secret from which Dias Lourenço escaped in 1954 plunging directly into the sea.

Forte Redondo ou "Segredo"

What to Visit

Guided tours provide an insight into the history of the Fortress of Peniche over five centuries, from the 1st half of the 16th century to the present, with an emphasis on the use of the Fortress as a political prison by the Estado Novo (New Regime) between 1934 and 1974.

During the current phase of setting up the Museum, visits take place in five different spaces: “Memorial to political prisoners”, the “Parlatory”, the exhibition “For Your Free Thinking”, “Saint Barbara Chapel” and the “Round Fort” or “Segredo”.

Visits are meant to involve participants by creating a dialogue between them and the museum as well as provide interactivity by evoking memories and emotions in a unique place that is a testimony to several striking moments of the history of Portugal.

Audio-guided tours







With the audio guide of the National Museum of Resistance and Freedom we wish to provide unique experiences to visitors.
Users will listen to short and dynamic audio clips about the history of the Fortress, the Parlatory, the Round Fort, Saint Barbara Chapel and the escape of 10 prisoners including Álvaro Cunhal.
Statements are combined with sounds so as to recreate the atmosphere that shaped the history of this museum.
Audio guides may be requested by groups or individual visitors being subject to availability.



Advance reservations are required for guided or audio-guided tours for groups.

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