Resistance and Freedom

National Museum of Resistance and Freedom
Long term exhibition

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m to 06 p.m.

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The exhibition “Resistance and Freedom” pays tribute to the multiple, transversal and heroic resistance of the Portuguese people, against the repressive and dictatorial regime that ruled the country for 48years.

It presents the various resistance movements, expressed in thousands of small and large scale actions, carried out by all sectors of society and in all territorial spaces repressed by the regime, until culminating in the 25th April Revolution, 1974, which restored the people’s right to live in Freedom and the power to decide their destiny.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness among post-April 25  generations about Freedom as a Right to defend and conquer daily.

Location / Room

Former prison pavilions


8,00€ - adults
4,00€ - + 65 years old
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