Ontography of the Shadow. Drawing as an (in)visible bond to a place

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Ontography of the Shadow. Drawing as an (in)visible bond to a place

Drawing is essentially discovery. Drawing is nowadays more open and autonomous in the field of the arts, but not in academia as a practice and discipline that generates knowledge. This project proposes to analyze it as a way of knowing a place, revealing its unknown marks and stories. It is based in an interdisciplinary artistic practice situated in Peniche, an ultra-peripheral land but a reference for maritime navigation.

To achieve it, we use the concept of «invisible-drawings» – the drawings present in our everyday life that we don’t yet see or know. The artistic practice allows us to recognize, intervene and reinterpret the peninsula, while raising questions about (in)visibility, gesture and nothingness in a meeting between Drawing and writing. The collaboration with the National Museum of Resistance and Freedom consolidates the dialogue with the community – studying the drawings of the former political prisoners and other testimonies. The result is a dialogue materialized and exhibited in a book.

We aim to articulate the arts, museums and communities, providing a more solid ground for theoretical-practical research in a (in)discipline that embraces multiple languages, uses and contexts.


Researcher: Ana Luísa Saraiva Lanita Marques

Orientation: Sandra  Jürgens

Coorientation: Aida Rechena